GDC Digital Services, a division of GDC Technology, offers digital cinema services in the form of fulfillment and delivery for theatrical content globally, and prominently to Asia. 

Catering specifically to theatrical content providers including studios, independent producers and distributors, our full-service digital cinema post production facilities offer DCP mastering, localization and distribution to Asia, for feature films, alternative content, trailers and advertising.  GDC Digital Services is headquartered in Los Angeles with additional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shenzhen and Beijing.

Parent company, GDC Technology, has offices all over the world and has a global presence among exhibitors and studios. They are the largest supplier of digital cinema servers throughout Asia and the second largest provider of digital cinema servers worldwide. Most importantly GDC is known for their long-standing relationships with all major exhibitors in Asia including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.